Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our day trip to Asia

The ferry was just a short walk from the hotel. Thanks to Rick Steves, we had a good heads-up about what we were going to see, and even which side of the boat we should be on. It was a good thing because there was no time for study along the way. Sights came into view and disappeared faster than I could process what I was seeing.  Most of the buildings were of recent vintage (within the last 200 years), and therefor of little interest to me. In Istanbul, I could only focus on the most ancient of structures.  

Views of the city as we sped by:

Ports of call along the way:

World famous yogurt to tide us over:

Suspension bridges connecting two continents:

Boats, Boats, and More Boats:

Ancient fortifications:
Our traveling companions:

Finally, our destination - Anadolu Kavagi, Asia! The name means (loosely translated) Controlled Pass in the land to the East.  It doesn't take much imagination to know this has historically been a strategic checkpoint for vessels going through the Bosphorus. Beyond this small fishing village lies the Black Sea and a whole different world.  That has to wait for another trip.

 We found a delicious dinner:

And lots of shopping opportunities:

Then, it was time for the long trip back to Europe.