Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Travel Day from Heraklion to Sfakia

Google Maps says that it is 144 km between the two places. I believe that.

Google Maps also says you should be able to travel that distance in two hours.  No way!

We left Heraklion at 10:20 that morning. 

We enjoyed views of the north side of Crete

A sprinkling of quaint villages, each with its own church or churches.

And olive trees.  We stopped in the village of Vrisses for lunch and to change buses. That second bus took a sharp left turn and we were off through the mountains and across the island.

The valley below was packed with agriculture. That valley must be the vegetable market for th entire island.

We arrived in Skafia just in time to snap this picture as the sun sank into the ocean on the south side of the island.

Short distance. Long day!

More on the town and our visit there in the next post.