Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweet Water Beach

Since we have already made reservations to return to Sfakia next fall, I'm only going to show you some basic highlights from our visit there last fall.

The first is Sweet Water Beach.

There are only two ways to get there: a long arduous hike, or a motor boat.  With a giant swosh, and a look back at Sfakia . . . .

We were off!

 Past some pretty rugged landscape . . . 

And there it is. A long pebbly beach

Just right for relaxing.

But just in case you wanted something in the way of stress . . . here they came. The wild goats of Crete. They really wanted to share our lunch, but I managed to ward them off with a water bottle. The gnats wanted in on the action, too. They were fended off with sun block. Pretty easy pests to control.

We stayed all day, returning to Sfakia just in time for me to snap this sunset picture from our hotel room.