Sunday, February 2, 2014

Archaeological Museum - Heraklion

The next morning we were on the streets of Heraklion.

Our first mission was to procure tickets for the ferry back to the mainland. We got that done more quickly than we had imagined.

Then we were off to revisit the museum. I combined the pictures I took on both visits. Here is a sample.

The museum was wonderful, but I did have a couple of issues. It would have been very nice to have all the Knossos artifacts in one place rather than scattered among other Grecian treasures, and I was very disappointed in the amount of Linear B writing that was available to me. It seems that there is little interest and so valuable space is dedicated to objects the tourists want to see. Dang!

A few more Heraklion sights:

This monument to those who lost their lives in the Nazi invasion of Crete

A delightful market. The balsamic vinegar salt I bought there is fabulous!

The original city gate

which today leads one to an underground art gallery.