Saturday, February 8, 2014

Last of January - First Week in February 2014

It seems that when we are in Edinburg, time flies!

With all the activities here in the park plus the errands that have to be done at this time of year - medical, tax related, vehicle inspections, etc - plus the day to day stuff that you have to do, and all the enticing activities going on outside the park .. . well there just isn't enough time.

This year February seems especially busy!

First, the weather has been dreadful. Cold, windy, and rain rain rain!

I've taken on some responsibilities here in the park for the first time and I have found that it is time consuming! My appreciation for folks who do this all the time is growing by leaps and bounds! (Are you reading this, Veti?)

For example:
A tiny, tiny role in the annual dramatic production. A tourist of all things. Is this type casting?????

Another tiny, tiny role in the Women in History production. Would you believe Dolly Madison?

Spearheading a dance exhibition. Thank goodness for willing friends!

Coordinating a dinner/entertainment we are calling "A Taste of Parras." Just making the grocery list for 72 people is daunting.

And, as I have done for the last two years, I will host the cast party after the final theater performance.  That little chore is a piece of cake the third time around.

Whew! We've also tried to do as much dancing as possible, and we've had several couples over for dinner - something I enjoy very much.

And, of course, there is the care of our new orchids. My part is to ask Stanley - on a fairly regular basis - "Have you taken care of the orchids?"

With every spare moment that is warm enough and dry enough to permit outdoor activity, he is out minding the garden. He has reworked one whole section that was not performing up to his standards. It's going to be lovely as soon as things get settled in.

One additional sad note: Our dear Ruby passed away last Tuesday. She missed her 99th birthday by just 10 days. 

That brings us up to date. The next few weeks will fly by and soon I'll be behind again.  For now, it's enough to join Stanley on the porch to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine.