Monday, February 3, 2014

November and December 2013

It was a mad dash, but somehow we made it! We arrived in San Antonio the evening of  November 4th and we were in Parras de la Fuente on the evening of November 8th ready for the big celebration the following day. I wouldn't have missed this wedding for the world.

 Stanley and I even got to officially witness so I know for a fact they are married and I wish them great happiness! Los Maderos! Felicidades!

 Sharing a dance with my second favorite dance partner!  

There was even time for a quick chat with Narro and Magalie.   

While I'm on the subject of Ferdi and Lucy, I want to say congratulations to Ferdi for another achievement!
In December, he received his doctorate.  To see what he is doing now, visit.

I know he's all graduated now and a big grape grower, but this is still my favorite picture of him!

We spent Thanksgiving with Sarah and David and the kids and David's family. On Friday, we drove to Hondo to visit with Frosty at the Deer Lease and then on to Carrizo Springs

to go by the cemetery. I was disappointed that the cemetery was not in better shape, but after a visit with Roberta I felt better.

We spent a very enjoyable evening doing something a little bit outside our comfort zone.

An evening at the Conjunto Dance Hall. We didn't know much about how to do what the REAL dancers were doing, but we got an ovation for our waltz.

We spent a lot of time in November and December occupied with Stanley's dental issues. This involved several trips to San Antonio. On this occasion, Big Red was terribly concerned with Stanley's lack of responsiveness. He sat by his side that afternoon for hours.

On December 15th, we were in Alpine for Emery's graduation from Sul Ross State University.

What a beautiful young lady! Congratulations!

Christmas at our house in Edinburg was quiet - by design. We just needed a moment. We knew we wanted to go to Mexico for New Year Celebrations, so we kept Christmas to a minimum. We did enjoy a great Christmas Day with friends. Cher, Steve, Veti, Jim, Stanley and I started with drinks at the Bailey's,followed by dinner at FlipFlops, and champagne here on the porch.

Then it was off to Mexico!

It was cold! No question about that! We cut fire wood, spent time with Solo Vino, and enjoyed the garden for a few hours each day.

Especially the butterflies and hummingbirds!

We had a great visit with Estela and another with Dona Licha. 

We spent time with Valeria and we are so excited about her new position in our Alianza group.

A great picnic at Marquez! The star of that show was definitely the ribs! Wow!

We enjoyed the big NYE party more than I can say.It was just perfect!  Sorry . . . No pictures. It was just a nice relaxed time and it was a pleasure to be around so many cheerful, positive people!

A perfect way to end a wonderful year!  I appreciate the people who come in and out of my life more every year. I owe all the happiness I enjoy to the people who share this world with me.