Sunday, September 28, 2014

August 11, 2014

Some of our visitors were leaving on the 7:00 AM bus to Monterrey so were all up early for a final good-bye.  The rest of the group left about 10:00 and after that it was just Stanley and me and Solo Vino. I think Solo Vino was a little bit happy to have the place back to himself. He's not accustomed to sharing quite that much!

He went for a walk in the garden with me and we found

our broken pot masterpiece was looking pretty good

One of the little cacti we had divided was blooming and looking awesome

And the olives were ready to pick. It was a very small crop, but we are already making plans for a huge showing next year. We got them into the salt mixture right away. They were ready for jarring up before we left. Something to look forward to upon our return to Mexico.