Sunday, September 28, 2014

August 12-September 2nd

It was a dash to the finish line. The final grapes were harvested, crushed, and pressed. The winery was cleaned to within an inch of its life. The house was shut down. We said a lot of good-byes. I made arrangements with Omar to take care of the garden and the vineyard. We had a long conversation with Antonio about his responsibilities with the wine. We had a wonderful, long-awaited luncheon with one of Eduardo's aunts, Christina and Raul. There was time for a nice visit with Estela. (I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.) By the time we got on the bus on August 20, we were pretty tired.

Here are some of the highlights of that final week.

The day after we arrived in the valley, I was at the chiropractor for my first session with my back. It had given me trouble for weeks and I knew I had to get better before we went to Europe. I managed to have six treatments before we had to leave for San Antonio. My back wasn't fixed, but it was much better.

It's always fun to trade Perote's cactus for something a little softer.

Stanley's dental appointment in SA was uneventful. We know he needs additional dental work, but it was nice to know nothing needs to be done immediately. Our time with Frosty and Jill was good. Jill and I had time to make some dinner reservations in Paris. What fun! We saw a couple of movies and drove out to Hondo for a few hours on the deer lease. Our time with Sarah and her family was limited to a single dinner and a quick visit on Monday evening because they went to Alpine for Labor Day week-end. It all worked out. We had time to put everything in order for a departure on September 2nd. 

And, we're on our way! Next stop Washington DC!