Sunday, September 21, 2014

August 7, 2014

A busy, busy day!

Some folks wanted a tour of Casa Madero so off we went!

Others went off on their own for a tour of Parras

Others wandered around Perote admiring all the construction and the old barrels, the arroyo, the bat cave, and the tanque with a little laundry thrown in for good measure.

While all this was going on with the gringos, we had a great bunch of kids putting labels on wine bottles for the big event tomorrow. I'm afraid their more adult supervisors drank more than their share of wine and some of the labels fell off way too soon, but they were having a great time.

Finally Frosty, Jill, John, and Laurie arrived. We got them settled as quickly as possible.

And we were off to the wine tasting at La Casona.

Everyone was ready for bed when we got back to Perote. Another busy day was on tap for Friday!