Tuesday, September 23, 2014

August 8, 2014

First, for those who might think we just partied all week-end, there was a bit of grape activity

Everyone helped out and Scott and Maureen were indispensable in the winery. How wonderful to have two veteran winemakers on site!  
However, the prize for most enthusiastic grape/wine participant of 2014 goes to Laurie. She didn't miss a trick! 

She even got involved in Vendimia decorating,

And Sangria science. 
Thanks for all your help, Laurie!

The Alianza Vendimia was wonderful. To all those who helped make this event possible - many, many thanks.

To the friends who made the long trek from the United States to join us - It was a pleasure!

The meal was about the same as in the past, great traditional dishes from the Parras area.

The decorations were better than ever thanks to the hard work of Valeria.

The entertainment was about the same as in years past. 

But there were some special moments. Thanks to those who caught those moments on film and shared them with me.