Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Follow-up on the big flood in Edinburg.

After all the birthday celebrations, we finished closing down the house and left for Texas. We would not return until November 11th.

Arriving in Edinburg, we discovered that the spring floods had killed all the sage bushes, the red bud tree, the mountain laurel, the Mexican olives, and most of the lantana. 

The biggest loss was our perfectly pruned mesquite tree. It had to be removed.

We replaced it with a medium crepe myrtle. 

The Mexican olives were replaced by small crepe myrtles.

The lantana replacement is nice and blue.

Stanley must have pulled and hoed a ton of weeds. 

But he still found time to relax on the swing.

The outside orchids had to have a new home. The screen of sage bushes remains un replaced. That's a project for later.