Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Chupahueso Ranch

Some time ago, my brother Frosty became involved in a hunting lease near Laredo, Texas.  Every time he talks about his time there, his face lights up with pure joy.  Knowing we were bringing our Mexican car up for a Texas title, he invited Stanley and me to visit the ranch.  What a delight.  It's easy to see why he loves the place so much. 

I may as well get this out of the way first.  I took loads of pictures, but the only ones I took of either the feeders or blinds were of the rattiest ones on the place.

My apologies, Frosty.  There are some very modern comfortable blinds on the lease with very elegant feeding stations.  My camera just didn't snap those pictures.

On the other hand, my camera loved the flowers.

And the cacti

The bushes

The yucca complete with bird's nests

And the trees.

What fun watching those dogs play in the lake.

I still can't believe you knew that piece of flint was an arrowhead.  

The house is a treasure.  Wouldn't it be fun to find some original blue-prints?

Will Jill ever get that new rifle sighted in or will Red and Ranger continue to distract?

Speaking of distractions, I guess I was a little distracted by the dung beetles, but you have to admit they are interesting.

The birds were fabulous!

And, I'm still looking for information about one of the weirdest plants I've ever seen.

Frosty and Jill, thank you for a wonderful week-end.  We enjoyed every moment.  The time together was great!  Let's do it again!