Monday, April 23, 2012

First Look at Buenos Aires Argentina

With perseverance, patience, and a healthy dose of luck, we were on the 10:30 AeroMexico flight from Mexico City to Buenos Aires.  Good thing.  There's only one plane a day!

We arrived in Buenos Aires on time about 9:30 Thursday morning after an all-night flight.  We were privileged to have a guide, Nacho's assistant who was in Buenos Aires to organize his wine-finding tour.  Happily for us, Marisol is a native of the city and was more than happy to show it off for us.  From the airport, we went directly to the hotel hoping to check in early and get some rest.  No way.  The hotel was not ready for us.   Oh, well . . .  we had a short walk, a great lunch, and then we were more than ready for that nap.

By late afternoon, we were ready to go.  What we needed was a long walk!

The old port, Puerto Madero, was just the ticket.  A few blocks from our hotel, we found sail boats,

a ferry terminal, skyscrapers, cranes, busy streets

and more.

Shops, restaurants,

A floating museum

And a delicious dinner.

Dinner was perhaps the biggest surprise of all.  Never did I imagine Buenos Aires would be so European, and especially so Italian.  Aside from the fabulous cuts of meat for which they are world famous, the next most prominent thing on the menu was pasta.  All types of pasta, all kinds of sauces.  We had  several different pasta dishes during our visit, but this was perhaps the best.