Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday in Mendoza

First, it wasn't all grapes and wine.  Mendoza is famous for its olives and olive oil.
We visited two wineries and tasted some very good wine.  Some of it was familiar and some was brand new to us.  Read about Mendoza wine here.
Both wineries were outfitted with older concrete tanks.  Both wineries were equipped to take care of vast quantities of wine.  Neither one of them would have trouble with Nacho's order of 20,000 plus liters.  

We also visited a bottling plant.  A little dilapidated?  Yes, but it can certainly turn out lots of bottles for a small price.

Of all the wine I tasted I liked numbers 28 and 30 from the first winery best.  Both were excellent Bordeaux blends with great color, aroma, and flavor.  I  may have been influenced by the great lunch that went with them, but I don't think so.
Later, we visited a wine shop designed to show off Mendoza wines at their best.  Housed in an old home, each wine type had its own room artfully presented.
We had very little time to walk the streets of Mendoza, but all of us had a good feeling about the city.  I would like to go back with more time.  Here's a sample of the sights I saw:

That night we went out to dinner.  More steak.  Soooo good!  Unbelievably good! 

Early next morning, it was back to Buenos Aires!