Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon in Buenos Aires

So . . . we had a few hours before we had to be at the airport for the 10:00 flight to Mexico City.  Nacho rented a hotel room so we would have a place for the luggage and a place to freshen up.  

We didn't have enough time to return to Camilitos so we opted for the cemetery.  Not just any cemetery, this one is special.  The Recoleta.  Final resting place of Argentina's finest, and a fabulous workplace for sculptors.  Pictures are the only way to approach this topic.

Keep in mind this is a very small sample of the sculpture in the cemetery.  If you like sad garden art (and who doesn't?) this is the place for you!

The church associated with the cemetery was once a monastery.  It has a long, complicated history.  If you would like you can visit the basilica website:  I only want to share with you the last part of the prayer to Our Lady of Pilar.

"Show godless and embittered men who only trust weapons and live the explosive temptation of violence that peace is still possible because love is possible."

John Lennon couldn't have said it better.

The church is now a museum and I couldn't resist a few photos - without flash, of course.  Most were impossibly blurry.
Nothing in the museum could outshine the statuary in the cemetery itself, but the bells were rather wonderful.
We returned to the hotel to meet Nacho and Marisol.  Nacho reported having had a great afternoon with friends and he was in a high good humor. Marisol was sad to be leaving her family, but excited about returning to her apartment and her boyfriend and her dog - not necessarily in that order.  Oh, we were a happy group on our way to the airport.  

After about three hours of waiting, it became clear we were not flying to Mexico City on Tuesday night.  Remember the stand-by tickets?  Well inconvenience has turned into sour impossibility.  There simply were not enough seats on the plane to accommodate everyone who wanted to fly.

Back to the hotel where Nacho convinced the man behind the counter that he hadn't really checked out at all.  They found a closet with a window for Stanley and me.  Marisol was so disgusted with the situation she decided it would be a good time for her to spend a few more hours with her family.

The only saving piece to this situation was that now I had all Wednesday morning to return to Camilitos.  There's always a silver lining.