Monday, April 16, 2012

Picnic with Ferdi and Lucy

Before we left the valley, Ferdi called to see if we would come to his place and see his new vineyard site.  I promised that we would.  However, the first few days we were back in Parras, the time flew and we still hadn't made the effort a week later.  On Sunday morning, we determined that today was the day!  No more excuses.  

Before leaving the house, I checked my email and FaceBook and discovered much to my surprise that Ferdi and Lucy were in town actually planting the vineyard.  We left immediately and arrived just in time for the celebratory picnic.  As usual, the food was delicious and the company was even better.  

Only one glitch . . . the pictures we took of the vineyard that day are on Lucy's camera and she has not sent them to me.  I will include them here when I get them.  The new vineyard is lovely.  4 hectares and almost 7,000 plants.  That should keep these two love birds busy for a looooong time!

Congratulations!  We wish you great success!

On the lighter side, Lucy rarely comes to Parras without a little horse riding activity.

This is one of my favorite cowboys!

You just never know what kind of surprise they might bring.  This time it was crab from Tampico!  Yummy!
With no crab cracker,  Lucy joked about eating it shell and all . . .

while Stanley employed the only tool he had . . . a lime juicer -----------------  

Yes, it worked.  By using his head and his tool, Stanley released more crab meat than any of us.  

And, we met Bill Doer, a friend and business associate of Ferdi's.  We've already added Bill to our list of friends and hope to see him again soon.
Solo Vino worked so hard running up and down the road by the vineyard, he had to take a very long nap during the picnic.