Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walking Down Florida Street

We strolled down Florida Street, a pedestrian only street lined with high dollar shops.  

Enough window shopping!  We were hungry and Stanley needed a beer.  Finally, one block over, on still another pedestrian street, we found an Irish pub.  Stanley knew what he was going to order immediately.  Nothing would be better after a day on the Rio de la Plata  than a pint of Guinness on draft.  Small glitch!  There is no draft Guinness in Argentina.  The local draft may have been second choice, but it washed down the sandwiches perfectly.  

As we finished the beer dregs, a fascinating scene unfolded on the corner.  An office building had piled all their recyclable material out on the sidewalk.  A trash truck came by and collected a small bag of trash and left a man to sort through the recyclables.  Another truck came by and picked up the neatly bagged material and the man.  The whole operation took less than ten minutes.