Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in Mendoza

We felt better after the two hour flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza.  Once we got checked in at our hotel we were ready for the next adventure.  Nacho found a cab driver who would take us on a tour of wineries and off we went.  Full of expectations!
The taxi driver was still smiling, 
but things were getting tense!
What about a church?  Do you guys like churches?
Sure!  Let's go see a church.
This wasn't just any church.  One guide book refers to it as an airplane hanger-sized church.  I don't about that, but it was big.  It was also surprisingly beautiful.  No photos were allowed inside, but the outside of the church is stunning.  I never did get the whole story behind the structure in the upper right hand corner of the collage.  The other two pictures speak for themselves.  This church is Mendoza's version of Lourdes and they have all the gee-gaws and gadgets you might need to help you remember your visit.
Best of all is the water.  The healing waters of El Challao are famous in the area.  Nacho and I took a drink, and it was refreshing.  However, neither one of us felt the miraculous cure.
Back in the car, I paged through some tourist information we had picked up and found an advertisement for a Sunday brunch at the local Sheraton.  I was just about done with the failed wine tour and I was pretty sure there would be wine at the brunch.  It was a no-brainer.
 It was a good move!  The food was delicious and beautifully presented!
The view was outstanding!
Did I mention the wine?  Red, white, and champagne were all included in the price of the brunch.  Not wanting to play favorites, we tasted them all.  There wasn't a bad one in the bunch.  We could have stayed there longer, but what can I say?  We needed a nap.

Later that evening, much later, we went for a walk, but we made a pretty early night of it.  We had a big day ahead of us on Monday.