Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hvar Town Part 2

The Franciscan Monastery and church was one of the most peaceful places we visited. I could have looked at the Last Supper painting for hours.

St. Stephen's Cathedral towers over the square. Located less than a block from our apartment, the cathedral was an impressive feature in our stay in Hvar. We woke up with the bells and they continued to mark the passage of time all day long. We heard the organ every time we passed the church. There seemed to be a large group of people practicing. From time to time, we would slip in and listen for a few minutes. We were never disappointed.

One afternoon, we walked to the other side of town and watched a soccer game. We saw soccer fields everywhere we went. The gentleman on the left is an aspiring author. We had leisurely lunch with him in a tiny seaside restaurant. He is an Irishman who currently lives in Germany and follows the sun as much as possible. He shared some very interesting observations regarding the end (?) of communism in Croatia. His thought was that labels are much easier to change than people.
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