Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lunch in an Olive Grove

After visiting the second winery, we climbed to an even higher elevation and turned down the most primitive road we had traveled that day. Grape vines gave way to a scattering of olive trees and then to a huge grove. We pulled off the road, walked up about 200 feet and around a final corner. Hidden among the trees and several small gardens of tomatoes, eggplant, and various herbs, we saw our lunch spot like something out of a fairy tale book. It was an elaborate roadside picnic park complete with a fairy godfather who had arranged everything, set the table with the real stuff (no paper plates here), cooked the meal and served it beautifully. We sat facing the sea with a postcard village off to our left and still more grapevines scrambling up the mountain behind us. Fresh anchovies, cheese, olives, chicken, olive paste, steak, vegetables, olive oil and bread. Oh . . . how could I forget? Wine. The fairy godfather's mother appeared with dessert. Grapes and pomegranates she had just picked and a small bowl of candied almonds. A picture perfect romantic lunch.

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