Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hvar Wine Tour

I saw the same scene from many different angles with different grape varieties, various elevations, here the sky a bit bluer and around the corner the sea crashing a bit more or less violently against the rocky beach. No variation had a greater impact than the first.
The moment I realized our single track gravel road was almost exactly half way up the mountain and we were completely surrounded by grape vines - that's a moment I will remember for a long time!

Looking up, the vines streamed down from the sky. Looking down, the vines fell into the sea.
We saw very little trellising. Almost all the vines were growing as unsupported vertical cordons. They were baking in sunshine reflected once off the water and again off the white limestone rocks covering the surface.
The island may never again have as many vines as it did before phylloxera wiped them out, but the vines that are still there have an unbelievably beautiful setting.

We visited two wineries, both wonderful. They have taken the wine tasting experience to a whole new level complete with table service, food samples, and lit candles. I was not expecting to be overwhelmed with high quality, but I was pleasantly surprised!
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