Thursday, September 2, 2010


I would like to introduce you to Leticia Garcia Rodriguez. Here in Parras, she is employed half-time as an elementary English teacher and half-time as supervisor of 16 other elementary English teachers.

With the beginning of the current school year, Mexico has mandated teaching English in all elementary schools. The state of Coahuila, where we live, has been teaching English in its public schools for years. However, with the new federal mandate, they are more serious than ever. Now, teachers must pass qualifying exams.

Although Leticia writes and speaks English very well, she is concerned about her pronunciation. She has been coming to the house for practice with her conversational English for the past two weeks.

Leticia is a quiet, thoughtful person, dedicated to doing her job to the very best of her ability. Although the exam will be long forgotten by the time I return from Europe, I hope she will find time to 'practice' with me occasionally. I enjoy her company.