Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day at Cremona

Long ago, while a student at the University of Maryland, Stanley formed one of those rare friendships that last a life-time with one of his professors, Walter Deshler.

Walter introduced Stanley to friend of his, Norton Dodge, owner of Cremona, a beautiful estate on the Patauxent River.

Everyone in the group loved wine and everyone was interested in growing grapes. Norton provided the land and Walter and Stanley provided the know-how and the muscle.

Walter has been caring for the vineyard and making wine ever since. The cast of characters who come to help with the harvest and wine-making changes every year as children and grandchildren explore the world and create their own adventures, returning eventurally either alone, or with new spouses and children of their own, or with a gaggle of friends on a sort of educational field trip.

For the past several years, Stanley and I have made the annual trek back to Cremona. Picking grapes with Walter is one of the most pleasant ways I know to spend a morning.

The mid-day picnic is always a delight: A time to visit with old friends and make new ones. Norton and his wife, Nancy were there this year And a special treat: one of the returning prodigals was Emily, Walter's granddaughter. Meeting a published author is always a pleasure.

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