Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hvar Town Part 3

This was our favorite restaurant in Hvar Town - high praise in a place that is absolutely crowded with places to eat. Our little restaurant has only four tables and maximum seating for 24. Each table has a candle in a wax covered bottle and old wine-making equipment is scattered around. There are only two entrees: fish or meat. We had fish the first night and it was delicious! The best part were the fried minnows. You cannot believe how good they were. The second night we had the meat dish and it was great, too. However, the best part were the minnows I requested as a special appetizer. No wonder those little guys make such good bait.

On another afternoon, we took a short boat ride to the island of Sveti Jerolim. The only kind of beach to be found in this part of the world is rocky and the only kind of water they have is crystal clear. The boat in the upper right hand corner was one of several we saw of this style. This was the best of several pictures I took. They were always too far away to get much detail, but they have a great shape.
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