Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hvar Town Part I

Hvar, is an island just off the Croatian coast from Split -completely surrounded by the clear, clean, sparkling Adriatic Sea. With that much ocean, you just know there are going to be boats!
Little boats, big boats, fishing boats, cruising boats, tall ships, ferries, ocean liners . . .

And big research vessels like this one - I would love to know what they were researching and how to get one of those jobs.

One day, we walked up the hill behind the town to visit the Citadel still commonly known as Spanjola. On the way, there were lots of stairs - in fact there were stairs everywhere we went - and a charming small-volume fermentation in process.
Spanjola is one of the many places we visited that seemingly has no beginning. Every wall, every structure seems to be built on or around something even older. What we see today was built by the Venetians in the 1550's.
From the the outer walls, you can see what a fine defense this would have been. Any enemy ship would have been an easy target.
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