Sunday, February 6, 2011


Winding up our Everglade adventure, we took the boat trip out of Flamingo, the western headquarters of the park.
My hope of photographing birds on the water was dashed fairly quickly by inclimate weather.
Most of the birds we were able to see were too far away for my little camera.
However, there is almost always a bright spot and this stormy trip had three.

First, the young man in the top right of the collage, our skipper and guide.
He deserves a raise based on enthusiasm and local knowledge.

Second, the osprey trying to build a nest on top of a channel marker
deserves a medal for courageous efforts in spite of insurmountable odds.

Third, the crocodile in the bottom right gets my vote of thanks for being the only crocodile I saw.  Lots of gators - one croc.
The weather was very cool and our trip was cut short by
rough water, but I enjoyed every moment.
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