Monday, February 7, 2011


With so little time allocated to Miami,
we decided a city tour would be the way to go.
Our bus wheeled through the Art Deco district
with very little narrative.
I actually learned more about this part of Miami
on our romantic sunset walk
than I did from the tour guide.
Little Havana was a different story.
We had time to get out and walk around.

Traces of Cuban Folk art were everywhere!
Please note the migration of the chicken
from Key West to Miami.
(I wonder if the chicken is Florida's state bird?????)

We popped in for a quick look at Maximo Gomez Park.
The park is used primarily for domino games.
The rules are simple:  You have to be at least 65 years old to play.
It helps to be Cuban.  And to be a man.
And to hate Fidel Castro.


We visited the Tobacco Cigar Co.
where cigars are made with Cuban tobacco
and rolled by hand.

The gentleman in the blue shirt is the
owner of the place.
He is quite a character.

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