Sunday, February 20, 2011


There was no way we could keep up Jesse's pace so we said good-by and
proceeded at a much more leisurely pace.

Back to Breaux Bridge LA.

It seemed stormy weather followed us every step of this trip and it
wasn't ready to stop now.

We were bone tired by the time we got to our motel so we settled in for
the night pretty quickly.

The next morning we went into Breaux Bridge to check out the shops and
take pictures of the church.

In and out of the first shop, across the street to the church and it was
suddenly raining so hard we had to seek shelter under the eaves
of the parsonaage.
When we were finally able to get to the car, we went back to
the motel where we stayed until time to go
dancing at Mulate's that night.

What a great time we had!
There is nothing like Cajun music to get you on your feet!

The pictures below were taken the next
day before we left town - a bright and beautiful day!

We drove to Houston the next day for a brief but wonderful
visit with Ivy and Ken.
Then, on to San Antonio for a few days with famiily and
a few more days with friends in McAllen.
We left the Valley on a southbound bus on Friday, Feb. 18th.
It was time to be home!!!!!!
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