Monday, February 7, 2011


I want to go back to Miami!
Especially the Art Deco district of South Beach!
I liked the food, the glitz, the history and the international feel of the place!
Running out of time, we didn't explore nearly as much as we would have liked.

I want another opportunity to get lost in the neon lights and curved walls.
What a contrast South Beach is to the stark skyline of Miami.

It was like an advertisement in a single's column:
Wanted:  Someone to walk with me on South Beach
at sunset
on a stormy day.

Response from Stanley:  "Let's go!"
I am a very lucky woman!

Walking back to the hotel from dinner that night,
I tried my hand at some artsy photography.
The neon lights were irresistible.
I was fairly pleased with the dance I created for them.

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