Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Highlights of Sacramento Visit

Breakfast at the Hungry Hollow Cafe on Memorial Day.  Don could not have chosen a more perfect place for beginning the day.  Decorated year-round to honor America and her military, I had a leap of patriotism the minute I walked through the door.  The delicious chili-cheese omelet may have intensified those feelings.

A new plant for us:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  Over the three day period, blooms turn from purple to lavender to white so all three colors are present all the time.  

Lamb dinner on the patio.  

Now, that's a breakfast.  Don style.

Lunch on Tuesday at High Hand.  We have visited the nursery before, but this was the first time for the restaurant.  What a beautiful place.

To the Loomis Brewery for beer for the boys.  Water for the girls.

To Trader Joe's for sausage.  

Deb and Nathan came for dinner on the patio.  This was their last evening in Sacramento.  They are off to New Mexico on 5/30.

Another great visit to California.  Thanks to Trish and Don for all their sweet hospitality.