Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving Day

When we purchased the mini-mobile home in Edinburg, we knew we would have to move it to a new lot, but May 1st seemed a long way off.  Sooner than we had thought possible, the day arrived.  The crew scrambled over, under, and around the little house removing the skirting; jacking it up; disconnecting a myriad of pipes, hoses, and wires; while the tractor stood by at the garden lot ready to scrap off the old grass before the top soil came in.

A tongue were bolted on; axles were put in place, and tires added.  

Of course, all this took a great deal of supervision.  The guy in the center is the owner of the company that moved the house.  The guy on the right is the owner of the house.

 Finally, the house was on the move!

Fifteen minutes later, the house was in place and ready for the crew to come back the next day to reconnect the wires, pipes, and hoses; remove the axles, tires, and tongue; and replace the skirting.  

Good thing they were on schedule.  I had a birthday party to throw - mine!