Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rice Washington

We rolled into Spokane on time, found our hotel, and didn't wake up until about 8:00 the next morning.  Once we had breakfast and the rental car, we were off to find the Drapers.  We knew Rori was in Alaska with her mother, but Jim was waiting for us at the house on Pleasant Valley Road.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon tramping through the fields, but by 7:30 we were ready for more sleep.  The next day found everyone with a little more energy.  Off we went on another hike. This time I had my camera.

Wildflowers everywhere.  

The trees are very interesting.  Huge evergreen trees left long ago by loggers and apple trees planted long ago by forgotten settlers.
Jim and Rori have several families of bluebirds in their yard.  So beautiful!
Company for dinner.  Jim fixed a delicious pasta casserole and friends Rusty and Terry came to share it with us.

The next day it rained almost all day.  Not the kind of day that invites you to go out slogging through the woods again.  We settled into the cozy living room and read.

The next morning was chilly, but much drier.  We drove to Spokane to return the rental car and pick up Rori at the airport.  Breakfast at Frank's Diner, a beautifully restored train car with stained glass windows.  The setting was charming.  The food was delicious.

The first thing Rori wanted to do was check on her treasures.

Within three hours of arriving back at the house, Rori received news that her mother had passed away.  The news was expected and indeed it was a relief to know that June was no longer suffering, but we spent much of the afternoon reflecting on the precious aspects of life.

On a lighter note, Stanley has become enamored with the new puppy at the Draper home. 

 Spencer is quite the puppy.  He already knows a thing or two about posing.
What a cutie!