Monday, May 28, 2012

Party Time

We arrived in Sacramento just in time to help with the finishing touches for a big going away party for Nathan and Debbie, two of Don and Patricia's closest friends.  We had met them several times at different functions on previous visits.  We wish them much joy in their new home in New Mexico.  

The following are some pictures I made with my phone.  They certainly don't do justice to the festive occasion - especially the many many strings of origami cranes in honor of the birding Nathan and Debbie love to do.

From upper left hand corner clockwise:  Debbie; Patricia, Jim, Rori, Debbie, Nathan; Sheila; Diane; lots of paper cranes.

More paper cranes and pictures; Still more; Debbie and Molly; Denise; Chris

Sam and Rori; Patricia; Nathan and Stanley; Don, Sheila, and Molly.

Patricia, Debbie, Denise, Diane, Molly, Chris, Sheila, and Rori are among some of my favorite women.