Monday, May 28, 2012

Todd Taylor and Good-bye to Jim and Rori

We have become so spoiled, a trip to Sacramento isn't complete without a visit to Todd Taylor's winery in the old sugar mill at Clarksburg.  Unfortunately, Todd was very busy when we visited on Sunday afternoon, but we grabbed enough of his time to say hello and for Stanley to ask a few questions.  He is so generous with his talent!  Thanks, Todd!

Later, we treated ourselves to pulled pork sandwiches at the new restaurant in the building.  Delicious!

Pictures by Trish!  Thank you!
After tasting Todd's wine and beer for the guys at the Rubicon we were all ready for a 'lay-me-down.'  Dinner was a feast at one of Don and Trish's favorite restaurants.  

Back to the house for some play time with Spencer.  We've all gotten attached to this little guy.  He's going to make a fabulous addition to their family!

And then it was good-bye to Jim, Rori, and Spencer. They were leaving early the next morning to visit Jim's family in Pleasanton.