Thursday, May 31, 2012

On to Alpine Texas

We got an late start in Spokane, but we weren't concerned.  We had the whole day to make up the time. We rolled through the day, first through the middle of California agriculture and then for miles along the Pacific coast.  

By mid-afternoon, we knew we were going to be late into LA.  I explained to the conductor that I absolutely had to make my connection in LA in order to be at Allyson's graduation.  She assured me that we would be there in time and sure enough, we arrived in LA with five minutes to spare.  The Texas Eagle conductors were already singing out, "All aboard" when we stepped on the train.   A glass of wine and we were ready for bed.  

The next day, we met several very interesting people and before we knew it, we were in El Paso.  Delayed slightly by the DEA making a search of the train, we were concerned about making it to Alpine on schedule, but by some miracle, we made it right on time - in spite of the hail storm between Marfa and Alpine.
The picture doesn't come close to illustrating the amount of hail that fell in a very short time.

We were glad to be on the new Alpine platform with the hail behind us.
The top photo is one of my favorite views in Alpine, Twin Peaks.