Tuesday, October 2, 2012

At home in Rovinj

We left Parras de la Fuente early morning on September 7.  We arrived in Rovinj late on the afternoon of October 1.  We had been on the road, rails, and airways; living out of a suitcase for 25 days.  

This was the order of events upon our arrival:

1.  taking this photo, 
2.  taking showers, 
3.  putting on the last of our cleanest dirty clothes, 
4.  walking to Skver de Mario where we ordered a huge fish dinner including a plate of fried anchovies and a liter of white wine, 
5.  consuming most of the order, 
6.  walking back home with the remains in a bag along with a complimentary bottle of wine, 
7.  climbing into bed knowing there was no bus, train, or plane to catch the following morning and there was enough food in the fridge to feed us for at least 24 hours.  
8.  sleeping a full eight hours,
9.  waking up and going back to sleep for another two hours,
10. October 2 - a beautiful sunny day!

Home!  In Rovinj!  Life doesn't get much better!