Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dragons and Rats

Stanley has discovered the Ljubljana city flag which features a dragon on top of the castle.  Born in 1940, the dragon holds special significance for him.

With the rain and erratic wind, it was almost impossible to get a picture of the flag with the dragon showing, but finally I captured this photo taken from the dragon's under belly.

I thought it would be cute to add a brief description of the Chinese horoscope for Dragons.  Does anyone recognize Stanley in this??????

Chinese sign Dragon

1940 corresponds to the Dragon's year.

Dragons are powerful with a lot of vitality and are extraordinary leaders, but has the tendency to become worried. They have a big ego which can cause problems. Dragons have strong ideal and tries to live the life grand. Everything they do they do grand and often creates headlines. They can perform parallel tasks and success very good in their careers. Dragons are however often very insecure and unsatisfied, they hide this behind a successful and extravagant facade. Dragons would be extremely wealthy if they where not so extravagant with money.

When it comes to love the Dragon is often the one breaks harts, it is neither emotional or romantic. They are not in need of a relation and often live like singles, but seldom oppose a flirt. Dragons are used to have many admirers and would be broken if it went a way.

Now, me . . . I don't brag about this much, but I'm a Rat.   Here's what they say about me.

Chinese sign Rat

1948 corresponds to the Rat's year.

Rats are creative, problem solvers, hyperactive workers and very social. They have charm and outgoing personality but under the surface there is a shrewd and luck seeking character, sometimes aggressive. They are very curious and want to learn about everything. Their search and quick decisions often lead to complications, both in business and love. They take big risks and seldom have the one and same partner, they are often viewed as unserious. Risk takers that love game and hazard in all its forms

Rats are often charming and attract admirers. They have an active personality and can easily get a lot of friends. Party and big events are their melody, preferably of the more exclusive sort. Rats are smart and succeed well in what ever they get involved in. They adapt to the external environment and see possibilities where others don’t. On the surface the Rat seems calm and under control, but their sometimes uncertain and aggressive character can cause big problems.
Now, if I could just find a ratty flag . . .