Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in Ljubljana

After our high time on the steam train Saturday, we were more than happy to sleep in Sunday morning and spend the afternoon strolling through town.  Here are some highlights:
Flea Market
Street Musicians

Meandering along a Meandering River
To the Botanical Garden
This is a very compact garden burdened by too many big trees but there were some bright spots

This poor tree looks like it needs to go to the repair shop.
A very typical Ljubljana house tucked into the woods.

There were only a few flashes of fall color.
The gift shop was scheduled to open in an hour.  Stanley, always a quick thinker, suggested a beverage while we waited.  This gentleman heard us speaking English and asked if he could join us.  His English was great.  He told us that he had always had an interest in the US even though he had lived in Slovenia all his life.  He had lots of opinions on lots of subjects, but here's the amazing thing:

Stanley and I had been unable to think of Tim McGraw's wife's name for two days.  It isn't important why we were even trying to remember it, but it was nagging both of us that it just would come to mind.  I asked this guy if he knew and without an instant's hesitation, he said, "Faith Hill." Then he really amazed me.  He said he loved American music and that he would love to visit Lubbock Texas in memory of Buddy Holly.  And Graceland.  Oh, my . . . what have we done to the world?

Back to the garden for a look at the green house and the gift shop.
The Ljubljana Botanical Garden is celebrating its 200th anniversary.  I couldn't resist the shirt.
Some time sitting by the river, soaking up the sun.  Peaceful!
A delicious pasta and salad dinner and then dessert at Lolita's!

From the black cherry light fixtures to the art on the ceiling to the perfectly splendid desserts, it was just as naughty
and delicious as you would expect it to be!
Back outside, some fun with night-time pictures!

Back to the hotel to pack up.  Back to Rovinj on Monday.