Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lim Canal

The Lim Canal is a beautiful place just north of Rovinj.  We had intended to go last year, but we didn't act quickly enough on our intentions.  By the time we were ready to go, the boat had made its last run and we were left high and dry.  Determined not to repeat the mistake, we put it at the very top of our list as one of the first things to accomplish this year.

Putting out to sea
Farther out
OK!  Too far to swim back now.  Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride!

The regatta was in full swing.  It was fun to watch the boats as they faded away.
 As usual the dolphins were out to play, but they were too far away for my camera.  Besides that, I got the ultimate photo last year.  It seemed bad karma to ask for another one.

The beach always seems so deserted until you really look.  There are people all over the place.
A note of interest to weather buffs:  Even here on the coast of Croatia - known globally for its mild climate, the drought has been hard at work.  There are enough dead trees in the landscape to make a person cry.  This summer set all kinds of temperature and drought records.
and nude sunbathing are common up and down the coasts of Croatia.
Our sister ship, coming along side to say hello.
One of many caves in the limestone walls of the canal.
Fish farming
Oyster beds
Mussel beds

Great walls of limestone
Stanley doing his Van Gogh impersonation.
The end of the canal
This is where they keep the raw oysters and white wine for hungry/thirsty sailors.
I took this photo from the balcony of the lodge looking back down the canal toward the sea.  
Continuing the Van Gogh look.
Back on board and headed back to Rovinj, we were talking about the old movie, The Vikings which was filmed in Lim Canal.  This photo sort of takes me back to the spirit of the movie.
Oh, we were a jolly bunch on the way back.  Singing, bawdy jokes, even a bit of dancing . . . or maybe it was just an unsteady sway.
Stanley may be on to something about these dragons.  Even the boat was sporting a dragon look.  
And here we are - the rat and the dragon.  Was there ever a more unlikely pair?
On the way back, we stopped in at one of those limestone caves.
It went a lot farther back than I wanted to go.
Whew . . . safe . . . back in the sunshine again.

A shot of Vrsar.  We were almost home.
Stanley almost caught this British sweetie, or maybe he was almost caught.  Kinda hard to tell.  Barbie was a delight and made the trip all the more fun with her enthusiasm for life.  
Rovinj.  We're home.
Back on shore, one of our fellow revelers needed a bit of help disembarking.
A quick look back at the sunset.  What a lovely day!