Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Wednesday in Rovinj

Wednesday was another beach day.  We took advantage of the sunshine and blue, blue sky to walk to Cross Cape.  It isn't too far, but far enough to know you've been for a walk.  The ocean water is very shallow close to the beach and much warmer than Red Island so Stanley enjoyed several swims.  Me, I enjoyed the beach and my book.

Lunch with a couple from Austria.  We shared fruit, sandwiches, and white wine.  Nice people!

A stop at the grocery store on the way back for supplies to supplement our left-over octopus.

Later . . . 

Just down the street from our apartment is a state-owned physical therapy rehabilitation hospital.  We often see its patients downtown either walking with various contraptions or maneuvering all types of wheeled vehicles down the road.  Wheelchairs, bicycles, tricycles, hand powered, foot steered.  If you can imagine it, we've probably seen it.

With all their troubles, the patients of this hospital have the most spectacular view of the autumn sunsets in the whole area.  Last evening, we decided to share it with them.  

First, the church.  No matter that this is a state-owned facility .. . the church on the property is still very active - and beautiful!

A walk up the hill leads to this
Watch tower?  Old lighthouse?  Play structure for spoiled children?  I don't know the original purpose, but it's there and still very stable.  We went all the way to the top.

I got some great shots of the tree tops, but not much more.
Back on solid ground, we walked around the facility.
The promised sunset
What a nice way to end the day!