Monday, October 18, 2010

At the Top

Even though the day was dreary, rainy, gray, and not the least bit tourist friendly, we were determined to see everything on our MUST SEE list. We made our way to the river, across the famous Chain Bridge to the Castle Hill Funicular, which leads to the Buda Castle.
What a treat!
Can you imagine what I might have been able to see had the sky been just a bit clearer?

The Royal Palace, Buda Castle, houses the National Art Gallery. We found it interesting, but we got caught up, as so often happens with us, in the Medieval dark flat paintings and did not allow ourselves enough time for some of the brighter more modern art. There were guards everywhere. They seemed to appear from nowhere. Their purpose? To make sure everyone obeyed the no photography law. I risked life and limb for the photo of St. George. I absolutely could not resist - especially in light of the Dragon Bridge I had just seen in Ljubljana.

The picture on the bottom left was taken from the castle dome. (Yes! There were lots of stairs!) The photo on the bottom right is of the castle courtyard.

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