Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ocean voyage

Day One in Rovinj: Stanley decided we needed to be on the water. Since there had been no one to greet us at the bus station the night before, I was surprised to find so many tourist venues still open for business.

So, here we are. The boat. The map. The passengers. And Rovinj slowly disappearing.

Actually, there wasn't much to see on this particular voyage. A few uninhabited islands, a fairly unimpressive light house and a disgruntled lady passenger who just couldn't seem to get enough attention from her significant other. Not very exciting until . . . . .

. . . . . the dolphins showed up!

What a show they gave! Jumping, splashing, playing! They gave up all efforts to find food just to provide us with a little entertainment!
They made the trip!

Interestingly, I was much more impressed with everything on the way back.
And I was hungry! Ready for lunch!

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