Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ljubljana People

We seem to have a knack for leaving town before daylight and this exit was no different in that regard.
However, I left Rovinj believing I would return.
We rattled and banged the suitcases down the road to the bus station expecting a bus. When it arrived, it was a 8 passenger van. This would be about the 29th time I had been grateful that we left the big suitcase in Washington DC.
Off we went!
North to Slovenia!

We met the young lady on the left on the bus traveling from Rovinj to Ljubljana. She is Australian, living in Switzerland. She had been traveling all over Eastern Europe and was on her way home. She was anxious to catch the next train north and we wanted to see as much of Ljubljana as we could before dark so our visit with her was cut short. She had seen so much on her trip; I could have listened to her for hours! I hope she stays in touch!

The gentleman on the right is roasting chestnuts - something I don't remember ever seeing before. They smelled delicious, but they weren't ready to sell. I'll have to taste them another time.

The gentleman on the left is France Preseren, Slovenia's greatest poet and an important catalyst of 19th century Slovenian nationalism. The lady floating over his head is supposedly his Muse. She caused quite a stir when the statue was first installed. The bishop did not approve of a naked woman right in front of his church. Even though she is depicted with all the Muse trappings - the laurel branch and a cloak - she was draped with a tarp every night for the first few years. Just so no one would be confused.The poor model is said to have been so embarrassed by the whole thing she emigrated to South America leaving no forwarding address.

The lady on the right is Julija, the unrequited love of Preseren's life. He was more than 25 years older than Julija, and they never got together. She married well and never looked back. However, she stares longingly (or is that just my imagination?) at Preseren all day every day from across the square.

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