Friday, October 8, 2010

Walking the walls

There has probably been a wall around Dubrovnik as long as there has been a settlement there.
And that's been a long, long time.
As with all the cities along the Croatian coast, the walls were fortified during the 15th century and in the case of Dubrovnik, its walls were modernized as part of the redesign of the city following the 1667 earthquake.

The walls intimidated would-be invaders during the Republic of Dubrovnik's Golden Age. Not until the 1991-1992 siege were they used as actual defense.

From the wall, the beauty of the city can be observed from a new perspective and the relationship of city and sea is an easy one to spot.

A sea of orange roofs on one side of the wall. The real sea on the other.

The photo on the left shows show roof damage was repaired. New tiles were used for construction purposes. They were covered with old broken tiles for aesthetic purposes.

The photo on the right is the Australian couple who shared our walk.

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