Friday, October 8, 2010

Things I Really Didn't Expect

Things I didn't expect to see included all the beautiful statuary we saw in and around Dubrovnik. Croatia shares so much with Italy, its neighbor across the sea, including but certainly not limited to the wine culture, food, and bountiful art.

I also didn't expect the modern side of Dubrovnik. As a tourist, Old Town was certainly the focus of my attention, but one afternoon, we took the bus outside the walls and discovered a thriving city of approximately 44,000 people.

I didn't expect to see a bug as big as a bird feeding on the lantana. I didn't expect a fountain depicting a woman peeing into a basin. And, I didn't expect all the dogs and cats I saw. These were some of the cutest!

I didn't expect a fashion shoot on the day after the big rain, but there she was bright and early!

I certainly never expected to hang my laundry out on the street in front of the apartment, but there was no way around it. That's where the line was!
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