Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good-bye! Szia! Do videnija!Na svidenje! Zbogom!

In less than a month I had been in five countries (England, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Slovenia); I had been exposed to so many languages I lost count; I had consumed vast quantities of great food and wine; I had climbed more stairs than I knew existed in the world; and I had enjoyed the time of my life!

We had come to the last day of this glorious trip! As I looked over the courtyard of our Budapest apartment with its exuberant potted plants, wouldn't you know the sun would come out just enough to light up my picture.
After three days of dreary, it was high time for some light!

The taxi would arrive at 5:00AM the next morning.

Soon I would be back in the US and then home to Mexico.

Oh, the memories! Sweet, sweet memories!

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