Friday, October 8, 2010

Dominican Monastery

This woman, dressed in her finest folk costume, set up shop every day just outside the Dominican Monastery.
She put on quite a show for the tourists.

The monastery was a delight. Some of the best art we saw in Croatia was tucked in its tiny museum. Which brings me to one of the most amusing stories I have to tell about the trip.

I have always thought there is a special place in Heaven for tourist guides who must answer the same questions over and over - often from the very same tourist who didn't quite get the answer the first five times she asked.

Well, there must be a very, very special place for tourist guides who can answer the unexpected question. What do you think?

On display was a painting of The Holy Family. Mary and Joseph were easy to spot, but there were two children - both toddlers, one clearly just a bit older than the other.
I knew the children were either Jesus and James or Jesus and John the Baptist. Anyone who has attended as many Sunday School and Catechism classes as I have would know that much.

More to make conversation than anything else, I asked the guide who the children were. She responded, "Two angels." "Well," says I, "Since it's a painting of The Holy Family, one of them must be Jesus." Without missing a beat, she countered, "OK - one Jesus, one angel. OK?"

There just didn't seem to be anywhere to take the conversation from there.

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