Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day with James and Amanda

Our flight was long but uneventful. We pulled and rolled and carried our bags through Dulles airport, onto the bus, into the metro station, and down the street to College Park Quality Inn, our home in the DC area. It was time to retrieve the dreaded large bag I had stored with them before leaving for Europe.

James and Amanda met us in College Park and helped us rattle and drag the suitcases to the Metro Station, through Union Station and into the Acela Waiting Room. What an introduction to us this must have been for Amanda. She was a great sport about the whole thing and a big help.

After all that, the least we could do was buy them lunch. Off we went to Stanley's favorite Washington DC watering hole and feeding station - Capitol City Brewing Company!

When we asked what they might like to do with the afternoon in Washington DC, they said they would like to go to the National Cathedral.
Graciously, they added that if we would rather not see another church, they could easily make another choice.
Well, what's a person to do when the kids suggest a nice, cultural experience? You certainly can't say, "Sorry! The churches, mosques, synagogues, and pagan temples started blurring on me several days ago."
No, of course you don't say that!
You say, "National Cathedral? Sounds good!"

The cathedral is a very, very special place and if you haven't ever visited, I suggest you move it to the extreme top of your list of places to see in Washington DC.

The architectural detail is amazing!

And the windows are in a class all their own!

Actually, it was a great choice. After all the European exposure, it was good to be reminded of the beauty we have here in our own country.

We left James and Amanda still roaming the cathedral grounds and we headed back to Union Station.
For once, we had a decent departure time, but it was time to head out!

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