Monday, October 4, 2010

Korula Town Part 2

There are a few things that set Korcula apart from the others:
Korcula is generally accepted as the home of Marco Polo. His childhood home, seen here in shambles, is modest at best. Undergoing a major face lift, it is to be a world class museum when finished. No less than expected for a world explorer!

The walls to the town are outfitted with the most beautiful staircase.
Also, although there was no way to take a clear picture of it, it is interesting to note the town was carefully laid out along the lines of a fish skeleton. The narrow passages along the straight "bones" on one side of town allowed the welcome summer breezes to blow through.
The passages along the curved "bones" on the other side of town helped to block the cold, miserable winter winds that blew in from the other direction.

And then there were the singers! Belting out a Croatian drinking song at the top of their voices, this was definitely the happiest group of men I saw on the entire trip!

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