Saturday, October 2, 2010

Korcula Wine Tour

First Stop: An absolutely stunning view of Korcula Town. We saw all six villages on the island - each one perfect. However, Korcula Town has to be the most perfect of all. They look more like Hollywood movie sets than places real people might live.

What spectacular scenery! The combination of sea and sky and mountains makes for some breathtaking views.

We saw lots of grapes! The most interesting thing we noted about grape production in Croatia is the way the area is divided. In the large picture above, you can see that the field is divided into several sections. Although it looks like a unified production, the owner of each section has complete control over the variety of grapes grown and responsibility for the care given to those grapes. Of course, there are standards, but I wonder how often damage is done to adjoining sections before those standards can be enforced.
Just a different way of doing things!

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